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Our Logo - The Triqueta

Seniors facing chronic care health conditions are bombarded by a vast array of issues that must be sorted out and are pressured by decisions that must be made now and for future well-being. Health care decisions of course are central to the senior's quality of care and the entire family's quality of life. Peace of mind comes from knowing that the best decisions possible are being made from a health care perspective to insure that their loved one is getting good care. Peace of mind is a huge part of having good quality of life.

But the decisions seniors and their families face are not restricted to addressing the current health care situation and monitoring and coordinating care. Legal and financial decision-making must also occur in order to protect quality of care not only for the senior facing chronic care, but also for his spouse and other family members. Becoming educated about the options for paying for long-term care is a critical part of the planning process. This planning also involves putting in place solid well-drafted legal documents that facilitate good outcomes.

So a three-pronged, inter-connected analysis and comprehensive approach must be must be made to holistically address our senior clients' needs. That is why we chose the triquetra for our logo. The triquetra is a word derived from the Latin tri ("three") and quetrus ("cornered"). Its original meaning was simply "triangle." This tripartite symbol, composed of interlocking vesica pisces is illustrative of the manner in which The Care Management Team helps our senior clients because it is the perfect concept of the "three in one" approach that is central to our Life Care Planning services.

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